ISBN Lookup

ISBN Lookup

ISBN Lookup, Image source: S_Hofschlaeger,

ISBN Number Look Up

The easiest way to find the book you want is to look it up using the ISBN number. Each edition of each book has a different ISBN number. Digital files, such as E-books are also assigned a different ISBN Number. There are many ISBN databases that can do an ISBN look up.

For example, if you type the ‚War of the Worlds‘ by H.G. Wells into a search engine like Amazon, you will get multiple results, such as:

  • The War of the Worlds Musical CD by Jeff Wayne
  • The Kindle Edition of The War of the Worlds
  • War of the Worlds Classic Illustrated Comic
  • The ‚War of the Worlds‘ Film starring Tom Cruise
  • Orson Well’s Original Radio Broadcast of The War of The Worlds
  • War of the Worlds Season 1 DVD series

If you know the ISBN number of the particular edition of War of the Worlds, you are looking for, which is ISBN: 9780575115354, then you can find it straight away!

If you are looking for rare or out of print books, you could try Abebooks (Link). For example, if you wanted to buy a first edition of War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells. The War of the Worlds was first published in 1897, so it doesn’t have an ISBN number, as they were introduced in 1967. You would need to use the advanced search (Link), which allows you to search for first editions and use the publication date.

ISBN Finder

You can find out the ISBN of a book by searching online. Just type the title and author of the book into any of these databases to find the ISBN:

  • (Link)
  • (Link)

You can also check that an ISBN number is correct using ISBN check on

ISBN Lookup Database

ISBN Lookup Database, Image source: S_Hofschlaeger,

How to Search by ISBN

Next to, there are many search engines that will allow you to search for a book by ISBN:

  • Amazon (Link) is the biggest online book retailer and offers an ISBN number lookup
  • Bookfinder (Link) is a search engine which compares prices from the major online retailers, such as Amazon, AbeBooks, Biblio and Alibris.
  • Biblio (Link) is a socially responsible search engine which aims to help and support independent book stores and small businesses.
  • Abebooks (Link) specialise in textbooks, secondhand, rare and out of print books.
  • Alibris (Link) specialise in text books and rare books and also offers an ISBN lookup.

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