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About ISBN

"ISBN" stands for International Standard Book Number. An ISBN number is a unique product number for a book. You can find the ISBN number printed on the back cover of a book above the bar code or on the copyright page inside the book. Publishers, booksellers, libraries and internet retailers use the ISBN to help with ordering, sales records and stock control.

ISBN lookup

The easiest way to find the book you want is to do an ISBN number search. Each edition of each book has a different ISBN number. Digital files, such as E-books are also assigned a different ISBN Number. There are many ISBN databases online that can help you do an ISBN search. You can find out more about how to search by ISBN in the section ISBN lookup.

ISBN registration

You can purchase ISBN numbers from the ISBN Agency "Bowker" (USA) or Nielson (UK). There is no legal requirement to get an ISBN in the UK od US. But many retailers will refuse to stock your publications, if you do not buy ISBNs. And ISBNs make a lot of other things much easier. Click here to find out more about how to apply for ISBNs and how much it costs.

ISBN converter

In the past publishers used ISBN 10, which refers to ISBN numbers that are 10 digits long. In January 2007, the length of ISBN numbers was increased from 10 to 13 digits. All ISBN numbers should now have 13 digits. If you have purchased ISBN 10s, you will need to convert them into ISBN 13s. You can convert them into ISBN 10s using an ISBN convertor.

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